View Full Version : Does Screen Resolution effect performance?

01-22-2008, 05:38 AM
I think I brought this up before but don't remember if I ever solved the mystery.

I am on the verge of upgrading to a new system and deciding on a monitor or monitors. What I am wondering is, if I have a large screen resolution will that effect performance? I use one of those 30inch cinema monitors on my MAC at work and LW tends to be slow in shaded textured mode and sometimes even previews will not run smoothly. The resolution is 2560 X 1600 from a Nvidia GeForce 6800 with 256mgs. At home on my PC, I have 2 CRT monitors (2560 X 1200) and it runs a lot better off my Nvidia Quadro FX 500 with only 128mgs.

I know I'm comparing different cards, MACs and PCs and that's a lot of variables. And it is entirely possible that our MAC needs updated display drivers.

But I would sacrifice a little real estate for better performance. Has anyone seen any effect when maxing out their display? Or when using a single vs dual monitors? The card I am looking to add to the new system is an Nvidia Quadro 1700. And economically, it would be cheaper to go with a single larger 24inch monitor than 2 smaller ones.

I will also do video editing with Speed Edit and I'd rather not have a seam through my timeline.