View Full Version : CG Acting Crazy During Live [bptc]

01-20-2008, 07:26 PM
In the CG we use it "live" at a church to go slide to slide for notes and songs. Last night while we would click to the appropriate slide, it would jump to either to the one above or below it! It was like there was two layers of the cg slides...like it had not refreshed on the screen or something. It made for a frustrating evening----clicking around to get the right slide and looking like we were completely lost during the performance.
I have been new to the whole vt experience so I know there is always a learning curve, but I can honestly say that vt makes me so anxious every time I use it...you never know what it is or isn't going to do! I have a graphics back ground so I am familiar with a range of computer know how, but things like this and simple things that you cant do like basic formatting - changing the font on 50 slides in the CG all at once...I dont understand something so basic is not possible. Any tips would really be appreciated... Seriously, anything.
I wonder if you might have more frequent visitors to your post, and associated replies, bptc, if you might have posted this matter here, in the VT Troubleshooting forum, rather than "Community".

Here's hoping you get the help you need. Let us know what eventually works for you?