View Full Version : o.t. retro game [tempest 2000 clone on pc]

01-20-2008, 01:04 PM
typhoon 2001 [tempest 2000 clone]
on pc!...

this is THE game...simply love tempest 2000 on the atari jaguar and NOW
i have it on my pc!...yeah!!!!!


sit back n dial into the ''zone''


oh n use the mouse if you don't have a pad....

awesome game!
great way to unwind and lose 30mins!:thumbsup: :D

oh, and use the function keys to turn on the rotating camera...the only way to play...be warned it's not as easy as tempest 2000 on the jaguar..i seem to get looks of disbelief when i play it...people just can 'see' what the heck i'm doing...brilliant game!

anyway...back to lightwave!:thumbsup: