View Full Version : Creating a new title template for edit mode

01-18-2008, 12:48 PM
It seems like similar questions have been asked, however I still cannot seem to reconcile the answer.

The tricaster comes with several built in title templates when you are in edit mode. However we want to create our own title template. We need this because we want to use our own background image for the title, not one of the ones that are built into the tricaster. Since you can't add images to titles (so far as I can tell) this means we need to create another title template.

There seems to be no way of doing this. The title files are saved as ".cgi" files and there is no tutorial or anything on how to make these files.

Now, to clarify. I am well aware that there is a tutorial on creating OVERLAYS with the whole ToasterScript thing. However Overlays only appear when you are in live mode, not when you are in edit mode. The edit mode "titles" and the live mode "overlays" appear to be two entirely different things.

I want to make an edit mode title. I don't understand why you are able to make overlays for live mode but not titles for edit mode.

I really need help with this as it is holding up our entire process.

01-23-2008, 10:08 AM
What version of TriCaster are you currently using? You could always put the image on line 1 in the editor and the cg page on line two directly over it and since the cg page has overlay turned on you will see the image beind it.