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01-18-2008, 09:41 AM
does anyone here use Anime Studio pro. what are your thoughts. Im asking cuz currently they have the price set to 149 so it sound good. but is it any good. i mean should i save for something different. or for about 150 dollar what would you buy lol. I dont care if its 2d, 3d or video.

01-18-2008, 08:57 PM
From E Frontier's Anime Studio page:

Save time and increase your productivity with ready to use content! You can use Anime Studio’s pre-built characters, scenes and more so you can concentrate on your animations!

It's a Poseresque solution. Not much more to say beyond that. The fact they consider its "ready to use content!" a chief selling point should imply you're not likely to get a balanced opinion of it in a forum such as this. It's made for People of the "I don't want to do it myself" mentality.

You ask, "but is it any good?"
What does that mean? is LightWave any good? I suppose it all depends on who's using it. If you're looking for something that just does it all for you, then looking towards E Frontier is probably a safe bet. Don't be surprised though if the "ready to use content" is sorry, sloppy, and generic.

or for about 150 dollar what would you buy lol.

Certainly not Anime Studio. Probably a few more LightWave books and videos. ;)

01-19-2008, 04:22 AM
anime studio is a re-branded moho when e-frontier bought the application it's actually quite good and uses bones and ik on the 2d vector based graphics to rig up a 2d character, the u.i. looks a bit scrappy imo but it also has a lipsync capability with the bundled add on app.

also has a 3d camera and you can also import obj's into it plus has a 2d particle system...so on paper it's pretty good and spec wise it compares really well up against toon boom studio4 which is peg based [cut out] and has no ik and no particles and no import of 3d geometry...though toon boom has a much larger user base and has a built in lipsync capability.

both of these are 2d vector based...if you want 2d pixel based animation then have a look at tvpaint which has 2 versions available www.tvpaint.com

though it's not bargin bin priced...:)