View Full Version : Weird things in Layout and with Viper

01-18-2008, 03:53 AM
Hi, folks!

I consider myself as newbie since I've been a little on and off in Lightwave3d for some time. I am still working through the "Lightwave3d Advanced Modeling and Texturing Project Viper" by Kevin Phillips (KurvStudios). I think I am midway into texturing this Viper model and when I have the Layout open with the scene (all objects are on 6 different layers) everything is ok.

But, when click F12 (going into Modeler) to cut and paste all objects into layer 1 and then saving the file and then go back to Layout (Switch to Layout), things get strange here (se the first picture): In Layout it looks terrible and Viper don't render the surfaces.

If I close everything after saving the file in Layout and closing Modeler and then open Layout and the lws-file again then it looks like the picture 2: Note all the objects (Viper(1), etc.) in the middle of the picture down below.

Hope there are someone who can give me some hints about this. Thanks. :)