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07-10-2003, 09:15 AM
OK, so i'm currently running Lightwave 6.5 on OS 9.2 and want to upgrade to OSX.
If I do so will I be able to run Lightwave 6.5 on it or will I have to upgrade to Lightwave 7.5?
And will I have to buy a brand new copy of 7.5 (ie. not an upgrade) in order to run Lightwave properly in OSX as opposed to running it through OS9 in OSX.

07-10-2003, 10:04 AM
7.5 has been reported to be somewhat unstable under OS 9.x - I seem to recall reports that if you're using OS 9 you should stick with LW 6.5.

7.5 (but not 7.5b or 7.5c) is supposed to be pretty reliable under OS X and no - you won't have to buy a brand new copy of LW - the Mac upgrade is for both OS 9 and X.

07-10-2003, 04:17 PM
You'll lose some features and render speed with 6.5b on OSX, it was more like a prototype until 7.0, definitely more stable tho, OpenGL is better -

btw - it's not the same application, if you don't have 6.5b for OSX you'll have to find the download

07-10-2003, 08:39 PM
If you need to find the 6.5b OS X upgrade for your 6.5 version go to Newteks FTP and get it.


If you are using OS X and Safari, just type that in Safari like a webpage and it will open the server on your desktop like a mounted Hard drive.

Then go to PUB -> Patches -> LightWave_MacOS_X -> lw65b -> LightWave_3D_6.5b_OS_X.sit

I am still running 6.5b and just did a reinstall on my new machine from my 6.0 CD. I had to do some searching to find this. Hope that helps.