View Full Version : VT-5 Stuck on Auto Calibrate

B. Schuster
01-06-2008, 08:11 PM
After completely uninstalling VT-4 and installing VT-5 without errors.

When I start Vt-5 the program wants to run auto calibrate, I say OK. Then the screen shows calibrating... please wait, and the hourglass comes up.
But it does not stop calibrating. On Thursday it ran overnight without finishing. I have a BOB by the way.

Friday when asked if I wanted to run calibrate, I said no, and VT-5 started. The program ran OK, but on playback out to a monitor I get flicker between edits, the previous last frame of an edit will flicker into the video that is playing.

I have also tried removing the BOB and get the same results through the multi pin cable to a monitor.

I am not at work today but was hoping that when I come in Monday morning I could get a fresh start on fixing this problem.


B. Schuster
01-06-2008, 08:19 PM
I do not have the pro card in my system.

01-07-2008, 09:22 AM
Talk to John Perkins - he has a fix for this. And, yes, this only happens with the older card. jperkins at newtek dot com