View Full Version : Rotation Limits: What happened to my shaded area???

01-03-2008, 05:26 PM
Ok I'm putting IK on my leg bones. I'm setting the limits like you're supposed to. Hmm, my rotation is off on this bone, so I go set the coordinates from Parent to Local and my bone is now sitting pretty just waiting to be moved about. Ok back to setting up the limits so I have a nice, easy to move rig. Wait! I can't see the limits when I go to apply them to that bone now!!! It seems when I set the coordinates to "Local" my visual interactive limits shaded rotation circle thingy is now just a circle! I can't see how far to scrub to set my limits!!!!

Does anyone know what I'm talking about??? How can I see my limits???!!!! You know, the shaded area of the circle that spins like a clock when you scrub the buttons for limits in the Motion panel! HELP!!!!