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07-08-2003, 03:49 PM
YAY - My first completed LScript, free for all!


Here is the ReadMe.txt

*****READ ME*******

July, 8th 2003

This is my first LScript. Thanks to Faulknermano for helping on a few sticking points.
This is version 1.0. It runs with LScript v2.6. Backwards compatibility has not been tested. This script is provided uncompiled for other asipiring LScripters to learn from.

This script is freely distributable. This script may not be sold without the expressed consent of MTSI. Contact [email protected]

This script is provided "AS-IS." I do not take responsibity for any damage that may result from use of this script. Use at your own risk.

This script converts Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude into XYZ space and creates a keyframe at the user number which you input in the dialog box.

-You can input the information frame by frame, or if you have a simulation, the script accepts text files to be parsed similar to motion files. (See below for formatting instruction and example.
-You can choose to use a spherical or oblong Earth model. More often than not, if you have large data sets, you will be using a spherical model because the calculations to account for the oblong Earth can greatly complicate some engineering simulations.

Fields are delimited by a Tab indent. If you want to change this, it is line 94. Change the '\t' to a space " " a comma "," or whatever is easiest for you. I may add this as an additional input in future version.

Longitude Latitude Altitude Frame#

29.841 49.204 0 1865
30.385 48.241 0 2035
30.385 48.241 0 2045
30.904 47.318 0 2180
30.575 47.067 0 2300
30.575 47.067 0 2310
30.79 46.682 0 2400
30.79 46.682 0 2410
30.293 46.321 0 2500
30.909 45.229 0 2700
31.546 44.095 0 2880
32.32 44.817 0 3045
32.32 44.817 0 3075
33.14 45.476 0 3200
33.14 45.476 0 4440
32.32 44.817 0 4600

See attached file for another example.

10-21-2013, 01:24 PM
Its possible repost the script link ? Thanks in advance

10-21-2013, 02:49 PM
This may just be the tool I need: giving me the location of the sun with Octane. At least a visual cue as to where.