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12-21-2007, 06:04 PM
I am rendering simple scenes to AVI animations using the "full frames uncompressed" option in LW 9.2 (this also happens in LW8.5 and 9.3, I have not yet installed LW9.3.1).

There are only 5 objects with still image (jpeg) textures.

Resolution is 1280 x 720.

The AVI files will not play in any player I have. When I open them in VirtualDub I get an error that states:

"Reconstructing missing index block".

After doing the reconstruction, VirtualDub gives two warnings:

"AVI: Index not found or damaged -- reconstructing via file scan."


"AVI: Invalid chunk detected at 2215533264. Enabling agressive recovery mode."

Can anyone shed light on this. The 10-digit number is the same for all files.

After VirtualDub does its thing all is well.

Is there something I should do before rendering in LW that I am missing?


12-21-2007, 10:45 PM
Have never rendered to uncompressed video because files sizes are quite huge and would rarely play back in realtime. Would suggest saving to frames and then importing them in as a sequence and save out to some other Windows format [.wmv or .avi] or even Quicktime if possible.

12-22-2007, 12:07 AM
Your player has to be able to handle uncompressed files. Most professional NLE do. My standard (v10 I think) Windows media player can play the uncompressed files - rather slow and jumpy of course. My Professional NLE Vegas will play it pretty well because it has an optimized display that is dependent on the CPU as well as options for draft preview or good quality. But if you are getting error messages, chances are it is the player. Try updating windows media player and or getting a better NLE.

A work flow tip:

If you are concerned about quality, do as james says but think about doing it so that you are working with proxy files. Basically you can work with a low res compressed version then use the frames (or uncompressed avi) to render from when you are done editing. Most pro NLE will allow for proxy files to be replaced at the final stage by higher res originals.

But if you just need to output uncompressed video for some reason you should be able to do it in LW. Playback issues are to do with the players mostly, and secondly the speed of your system. Think about doing a compressed .avi for viewing purposes separate from the delivery version if you need to check it.

The recommended work flow over all would be to render to frames and load these up into LW or other package and save out an Avi for viewing or editing but always keep the frames. This would allow you to use the frames as source for various compression factors i.e. uncompressed, .avi, .mov etc.

From there you can then have streaming, Mpg 2 (dvd), and other formats run from your edited compressed .avi master.

12-22-2007, 07:27 AM
Thanks for the ideas.

I am using the uncompressed frames for quality reasons. This is all going to a dvd but the field video was shot in 1080i 4:2:2 color space and the video has color and movement situations that drive mpeg2 encoders nuts. After more than a month of experimenting, I have found that the uncompressed avi >> Speed Edit for titles >> TMPGEnc 4.0 Xpress for mpeg2 encoding gives the best results for the field video.

The LW files are moving stills used in scene breaks and it is probably a good idea to render them to wmv, the advanced MS codec does a great job and instead of 2-3GB files they are much smaller.

I was just trying to keep all elements of the final project at the same resolution.

I have often rendered uncompressed avi from Speed Edit, and because the files are so huge the throughput cannot keep up with the frame rate and it stutters on playback, even from a fast RAID0 drive. But it does play in Windows Media Player.

This seems to be a different problem.

Thanks for your input.

12-24-2007, 12:18 AM
Interesting. So you are able to play (slowly) the uncompressed files from speed edit but not the ones from LW.

Have you tried to play those files back on a computer that does not have speed edit installed? Just a thought. Might be worth looking into. Might there be a conflict? Also what version of LW are you using? Might be worth looking into a possible bug with the output.

Either way using proxy files on the frames you output from Speed Edit would be a solution. That's what I wound do anyway. I would render LW frames, import into speed edit, output as uncompressed AVI then also output another avi at a lower res to edit with. Then use the uncompressed as source files for the final output to DVD. How you do that of course is dependent on what capabilities Speed Edit has for proxy files. I don't use it. But all pro NLE I am aware of for many years now have had this capability for the very problem you are experiencing with playback. There is no real reason to be editing with those large files which is why this is a feature of an NLE.

Good luck with your project. :)