View Full Version : 30 Sec. Bars & Tone clips, with various "0dB reference" levels?

12-18-2007, 09:07 AM
Could we have 30 sec. Bars and Tone included with SpeedEDIT™, SpeedEDIT VT, and Edit Media in TriCaster STUDIO™ that provide for 100% SMPTE bars and 75% SMPTE bars, with 1KHz tone at 0 dB -- but in several "flavors" of "0dB"?

Since there are various "standards" for 0dB reference, depending on the type equipment one is planning to output to, perhaps a small variety of such files could be made available, with varying audio output reference levels, with text associated with the file, indicating what that "0dB level" relates to.

Admittedly, I don't have a fully-developed concept of what I'm suggesting here, but perhaps someone might take it from there, and develop something along these lines.

But perhaps the idea stinks from the outset, providing a basis for further confusion over level settings and the use of these proposed A/V clips. In case I'm onto something, does anybody have any refined ideas on this?