View Full Version : .obj export LightWave to Maya

12-15-2007, 11:25 AM
I haven't been using LightWave much since getting Cinema4D and Maya 2008 Unlimited (Both work great on Mac OS X). But I still like to model some in LightWave. Maya doesn't seem to do a very good job with LightWave .obj files. I get better results importing Lightwave .obj files into Cinema4D (C4D will also import .lwo files), then exporting an obj file from C4D. It's the same in reverse, LightWave doesn't seem to be able to handle Maya .obj files very well some times.

There's supposed to be a .lwo import/export plugin for Maya but the only one I found is for Windows.

Is there a trick to importing/exporting .obj files in LightWave, or Maya for that matter?

12-15-2007, 12:59 PM
I have the same problems in and out of maya. Not only does it have the shortest list of options, but also the poorest quality (look, for example, at the iges export options from FormZ in comparison ..)

Interested if someone has a solution for this :)

(Maya is also on my hitlist for another reason today .. I use it to generate iges files to CNC mill in Surfcam, but the curve projection, and boolean operations I once thought were so impressive are horribly buggy. 6 hours lost on one model with 5 surfaces ...)