View Full Version : VT5 Edit Bandwidth Settings

12-04-2007, 02:58 PM
Curious thing I notice in VT5 is that the PCI bandwidth settings are now absent. Instead there is the option to set rendering by number of steams.
Two questions:

1. Is this effectively the same bandwidth settings as before, just using more novice friendly language for setting the property? (In other words, were the PCI bandwidth settings just selecting one of those # of stream schemes in the background depending on the bandwidth range selected, rather than actually determining the need to render based on the bandwidth required by the files in the timeline?)

2. If this is actually limiting the system to render based on the number of streams only, isn't that less efficient since the ability to play without rendering is more based on the type/compression of files in the timeline rather than the number of streams?

I can see lots of unnecessary rendering or playback studdering when we figure in all the variables like codecs in use, disk bandwidth, PCI bandwidth, etc. What's the word on this?