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jin choung
12-02-2007, 12:01 AM
saw it tonight. some MINOR SPOILERS with a preceding warning.


pretty good. but EMBARASSINGLY STAR WARS LIKE. blow up the big bad base thingy... (SPOILER COMING) somebody is your (INSERT PARENT) here. UGH.

it's like a GENERATION of writers is gonna dip into the extremely shallow well of star wars... this and eragon and probably others that i have the good fortune to be unfamiliar with....

but in any case, not bad.

but like the harry potters movies, you get portions that seem like Cliff's Notes summarizations of vast amounts of narrative. it would be nice if film makers were true to their medium and ruthlessly excised stuff to make a singular FILM... and not a summary of another medium.

also, interesting for the social impact the movie will likely have.

considering that we in america live in a society that is dangerously close to acceptance of the legislation of religious belief/practice and morality, this is a pretty good popular foil to at least raise the issue in the minds of the masses.

i'm not familiar with the books but the message is clear enough. dogma and ignorance bad, free thinking and open eyed truth good. theocratic indoctrination and rule bad - individual, God given freedom of choice good.

and in as much as that is true, i can't see how the religious can have a problem with those ideas... unless they identify themselves with narrow minded fear.

(also, if religion comes up in this thread as a result of GC, let's try to keep it on topic and civil eh?)

also interesting in that it will probably lead a great many people to the internet to look up the etymology of the word daemon. i would wager not a great many people, certainly not americans, would know.


unbelievable amount of vfx... just the sheer amount of tracking and cg comp with live action for the daemons is mind boggling.

the animals are animated pretty well but still look very "cg animal" like... of course the larger, more important characters do look better... but all the fur was problematic... looks cg. not wrong... but cg. but fur interaction with actors is fantastic.

cg dogs in particular have that weird look of a "la times" movie trailer that used to play before previews... they were doing a piece about how cg is done and they focused on the making of and render of a dog... a beagle i think. awful. just embarassingly awful. and most of the dogs look like that in this movie.

don't they know how to model dogs? and i would say that dogs are familiar enough to us humans that THEY can be subject to the valley of the uncanny.

any attempts to blatantly anthropomorphize a dog model is a bad bad mistake.

like chronicles of narnia, for a supposedly children's film, it is SATISFYINGLY violent! one climactic confrontation for the polar bear in particular ends with a fist raising "YEAH!!!" moment.


-flying humans - i don't know if it's because chicks are lighter and more graceful but eva green flies like i've seen no other actor.... truly looks like she belongs up there.

-the little girl. my gosh, she is luminous - the camera loves her and she is just truly endearingly adorable. her "presence" can stand against daniel craig and nic kidman and hold her own. mark my words, the kid's gonna be a star.


boorish, insipid and melodramatic. notably bad. made the more apparent because i thought the music in beowulf was astoundingly good.

just bad choice after bad choice.


FIRST FING RATE!!! my gosh, every design decision is brilliantly conceived. the air ship, the cities, the coaches.... the wardrobe.... wouldn't be surprised if it picked up oscars in these categories.


polar bear fight... kinda like a polar bear tekken with a mortal kombat finish... lol.


jin choung
12-02-2007, 12:04 AM
oh. and btw... horrible horrible title.

golden compass? his DARK MATERIALS?! are you fing kidding me? i don't care if it is a reference to milton... in this day and age... his dark materials?!

that's just asking for a porn version.....