View Full Version : lightwave 7.5 VS maya 4.5

caustic wave
07-05-2003, 10:54 AM
guys, I have been using LW7.5 for about 6 month- so anyways i was playing around wih all the neat stuff.
My most complex problem was cloth and water and smoke.
so i was reading about maya4.5. bought it and I installed it. It is really a complex program, but one thing on the maya web site sight was that they have the worlds best cloth and fluid engine available on the market=should not lw compete with this.

and truly what is better maya4.5 or lw-should I take the time to make a transition to maya4.5.

I dont really know?

md is great-but it is limited, and this fluid engine in Maya4.5, damn it rocks. you can create some serious smoke and all in one.
all included in the package