View Full Version : Next NYC Lightwave User Group Meeting Win Lightwave 9.3

11-28-2007, 09:58 AM

Our next meeting will be on December 20th, 7:00 for a 7:30pm Start.
Same place same time. GMCThree Studio.

We are giving away a copy of Lightwave this month.
The details are on the site. You must be present to win.
Next Months challenge needs a sponsor, so if anyone would like to sponsor a prize, please email me at [email protected] All Sponsors can send me images and text to be placed on our Sponsor page.

We will also be considering opening the contest up to everyone on the internet, and contacting the winners by Email. I think that we would have to see how many people are interested, by how many people post comments and or participate in this month's challenge.

This month's contest is to add something into a plate shot. We provide the shot, the scene file and the hdri image.

Plate ShotYou provide the imagination. Use free objects on the web, or model your own.

Think outside the box. You can do anything, Animate a car doing donuts, grab the Tardis, and animate Robot People attacking it.
Have the Galactica streak by in the sky. There are tons of free objects on the web. I have plenty of links on the site. Goto the Directory link and look for keywords.

Please keep in mind, certain shots won't make for a good composite like the below:
Try to keep things in scale. But a Blimp rising from behind the building could be big, but technically more difficult since you would have to set up a poly with front projection mapping to obscure the blimp while it was behind the building. Oh the possibilities. Entries are to due before the next meeting on the 20th of December.

Good luck and remember to have fun.

ANy questions email me at [email protected]
Antonio Profetto