View Full Version : How to change a surface texture during an amination

11-23-2007, 09:32 PM

I need help in figuring out how to change the surface image/texutre map of an object during a animation sequence

example 360 frames

frame 1 - 119 image/texture1
frames 120 - 239 image/texture2
frame 240 - 360 image/texture3

plus some sort of transition between the 3 images/texutres

any assisatnce or at least point me in the right direction would be appreciated

11-24-2007, 01:18 AM
If it is just a simple fade you need, one way would be to use the Surface Mixer shader found in the Shaders tab of the Surface Editor.

To employ this trick it would require having copies of the geometry for that surface so you could have as many copies/surface names applied to it as you would need. These copies would be off camera of course so you might put them in another layer depending on your set up and place them behind and parented to the camera or make them invisible with object dissolve. From there it is a matter of using an envelope (E button for Graph Editor) to do the fading from surface to surface using multiple instances of the Surface Mixer on the surface. You can start with the original (visible) surface with an image on it or it can have another surface applied and you can fade up the images from the copy surfaces.

Another way would be to composite the images as a sequence in a video editing program with the fades and load them as an image sequence.

11-24-2007, 07:02 AM
thank you for tip...my first thoughts were to render the sequences then comp..however I want to do specific transitions between surface changes so the first technique you described will work..however how cow what a lot of work to set this up

froexample if I want to apply a ripple effect to a ojjects surface I need to render X number of frames (clean) the render an addition numebr of frams (with effect) and combine then post edit..whoa lot of work.

my idea is

the Newtek's Lightwave developers would create a plugin or surface option that would allow for specific transitions between a specific surface of an object over a period of frames/time...this would include all attribute currently availabe to surfacing an object.

so basically it would entail selecting the surface of your object object you want to apply the effect select transitional plugin/effect

...a popup would window would open giving the option to add different surface oprtion then apply to specific frame/times code and keep adding as many as you would want to use....of course each effect has the same surface option to choose from (lum, diffuse, gloss, bump etc etc etc (even nodes would be good)

this would be an awesome option and I kow many animators woud l love to see this happen. thopugh maybe there is already a 3rd party plugin that can do this.

11-24-2007, 10:32 AM
It'll take some experimentation, but you can do the same effect using a Gradient node. Set up the gradient with however many keys you need (1 per image you're trying to cycle through). Make sure that all the keys are visible in the Node Editor as inputs, not just in the gradient edit panel. Attach an Image node to each key's color input, and you can then use a Time info node as the input parameter. Scrubbing the timeline will show how the images fade. From there, you'll have to experiment to get precise control, but this should be a start.