View Full Version : Leopard and 9.3ub: openGL oddness.

11-19-2007, 01:02 PM
When I hit the hotkey to change viewport to camera view (6), LW doesn't update the OpenGL until I scrub the time-line. Unless i wait for quite a while, then it will update the viewport, but about 10seconds or so, but if i scrub the timeline it will change instantly. As fast as it takes me to grab the timeline slider. Anyone else seeing this? (this is just one example, viewport also doesn't reflect object selections or anything for quite some time unless the timeline is scrubbed...

I hope it was leopard and not the firmware update i did to the video card. I'm going to try my backup harddrive which is bootable to tiger so hopefull that'll fix it. If so i guess i'll be using tiger for a while.

Intel 8core
x1900 .202 firmware

11-19-2007, 02:05 PM
Well, after further testing the problem is more apparent the heavier the geometry showing in the viewport. On an empty scene it operates like normal.
I was able to boot up on my tiger backup hd and the problem is still there, i guess i'm just retarted and it has always been there. When i animate i hide everything i don't need to see so I musta just not really thought about it until now. I wonder why scrubbing after hitting '6' or item selection updates opengl faster than just hitting '6' or item selection.. *sigh* oh well.