View Full Version : 9.3 ub .. Despair of crashing all the time ?

11-18-2007, 02:27 AM
I do for sure! But I'd thought I'd share a helpful hint that worked for me reduce the crash frequency which, of course, may already be common knowledge.

I find there are two major areas of instability, the hub and multithreaded OpenGL.

- Multithreaded OpenGL.
Easy solution to this is simply to turn off the option. To me, Layout in particular seems more stable with this option turned off. This is on a Mac-Book Pro with 10.5 ( Leopard, since Nov 11 ) and a sometimes I work on a Mac-Pro with 10.4 ( Tiger ).

- The Hub.
I'd really love to a rant about why this stupid thing shouldn't even exist but... I realised that the hub was almost the sole cause of the freezes, hang ups and enormous lag I experienced every few minutes. I'm also the only one here that needs to use LW on daily basis and I realised I could work without the hub quite successfully. My solution was simply to Zip up the hub into an archive and delete the original hub application. Which means I can easily restore it if I need to.

Since removing the hub my days have been far happier! I no longer scream at the computer every few minutes! The lag has gone, the crashes are still frequent but no-where near the "every few minutes" frequency they were before. And the lag has gone. ( did I say the lag has gone ? )

Of course this means I have to save and load from from modeler to layout manually but that's no huge problem for me.

I hope this helps if you're suffering similar frustrations.


Now my rant.

NewTek take note.

I have never in my professional life felt more ripped off than I do with LightWave. I payed for version 9 a year ago. I was informed at the time of purchase that a universal binary would be shipped almost immediately. This was a con. A year later we still have a totally unstable beta. This is not good business. My request for support emails have been ignored and I've never been informed of any upgrades by email. What kind of business are you running ? Do you think us little single user minnows are so unimportant and only your corporate customers deserve support ? Every thing I've done to obtain the the UB and make it work at least fairly stably has been under my own effort and investigative work. Which ok I would expect from most software houses but not when I pay such a large amount of money for a product! I'm sorry if this isn't what you want to hear but it's my genuine feeling atm and I needed to let off steam.