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11-17-2007, 06:52 PM
tend to miss the mark past the initial marketing pull ins? Some time ago I requested and received a demo of LW v8.5 to test drive LW and try the product for evaluation purposes. Strangely enough after installing the product and navigating through a series of confusing installations screens; I came to a disappointing conclusion that some key things are missing. Where's the help files that every potential customer relies on to use the product? I'm familiar with NT's products as I've worked in the television industry for more than a decade, and acknowledge the professional quality of the companies products by reputation for quite some time now. However, as a potential customer I'm somewhat disappointed that the company falls short in demonstrating the product once installed for a customer to actually evaluate the so called demo product. I fully understand NT's need to protect it's intellectual property, but as a potential customer I need enough information to make a sound decision as to whether or not the product meets my requirements. This is especially true when marketing a product like LW to potential home based customers like myself. I currently use another modeling product which has helped me to understand the general UI of LW, but for evaluation purposes more detailed documentation for LW is like a "no brainer" people.

Re: Sales, you need to communicate with Marketing about improving in this vital area to increase the companies bottom line when marketing to Private Individuals interested in LW. As it stands now, I don't have enough information currently to make any rational decision beyond what I've discussed already. Hopefully, this post will spur some "brain storming" at NT to reevaluate why they may be missing the mark in getting the product off the shelf and in to the hands of new customers. In the mean time, my search for an alternative modeling product goes on.

PS: I should work in sales at NT I'd give marketing a swift kick in the pants and remind them that the private individual market is potentially huge and virtually untapped as far as I can tell.

11-17-2007, 10:52 PM
I don't know about 8.5, but I know when they had 9.x demo's available to download, they have all the documentation available in the same downloads area. So that shouldn't be an issue.
It's been some time however, since they had a trial download available...so that's certainly not going to help sales. Nevertheless, where LW shines is when it's paired with FPrime. Perhaps Newtek can work something out with Worley to integrate Fprime into the program as a Previewer only (and if you want the full rendering capabilities and such, you'd have to buy the plugin... Similar to the difference between Saslite and Sasquatch).

This would allow potential buyers to get a taste of Lightwave's biggest strength. Users of other programs, then, could download a 30 day trial and see what they are missing. It's not realistically a matter of LW replacing a Maya, Max or XSI pipeline...it has a lot of catching up to do in other areas. But if they make it easier for individuals to see firsthand what it CAN do well, then, because it's priced so attractively, more individuals and studios would be inclined to ADD LW into the mix. As it stands now...to see LW's best stuff, you have to buy a license of both products.
If they could implement FPrime into the application in some reduced capacity (so that Worley can still sell the full plugin, and have incentive to continue it's development), I bet the downloads go through the roof, and consequently, they'd see a big boost in sales...even with the program undergoing such a major retooling

11-18-2007, 12:04 AM
Hopefully, this post will spur some "brain storming" at NT to reevaluate why they may be missing the mark in getting the product off the shelf...

NT's marketing has been the canker sore in the mouth of the collective forum for, oh, let's seeeee.... going on 5 years now?

I think it's been a bit overdone myself. Overdone in terms of the perpetual nitpicking of the marketing dept.

Anyway, if you have a list of questions about the software go ahead and post them puppies. You will have them all answered in short order. Excellent batch of people around here.

Oh, by the way. LW is a great piece of software. Currently on the redev but as it stands, even now, a really good buy that can pack one heckuva useful punch to the kisser.