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11-17-2007, 11:33 AM
Has anybody had any experience streaming out over the internet?
Are there a lot of latency problems?
I any one provider better than another?

What I have in mind is a live event relayed back to the studio where we have a T2 connection.

I have noticed that several companies offer packages with enough bandwidth and even configurations with symetric up/down or even more uplink bandwith than down. Sounds great but if latency destroys the stream its worthless.

I'm not very willing shell out that king of money unless I know it will work.

Any suggestions?


11-23-2007, 07:34 AM
We've also been beating the bushes for the best ISP. Heard rumors of AT&T wireless cards at 1mg upload, Verizon the same...but upon discussion with thier sales folks, not true.

We've worked with local businesses sometimes and have struck deals with local wireless ISPs.

But would REALLY like to find a Hughes or Wildblue or Verizon with consistent adequate upload capability.

Has anybody scared up anything?

11-24-2007, 02:24 PM
Has anybody had any experience streaming out over the internet?
Are there a lot of latency problems?
Hi Ron,

Seems like I'm about to start preaching to the Choir... (Master) here, and speaking of Engineering (Again the Master) efforts, which you should, at least, be more authoritative than I.

How can their be "latency problems" for this effort? That is, besides audio and video being in sync. (Easily fixed by sending both from the TriCaster.) Yes, latency is a big issue in our Church work when everybody can see our video to the big screens and the live performance at the same time. But that would not be the case for an internet stream, where the viewer is just seeing (and hearing) our A/V output.

For a little under two years now live network TV has been delayed by five seconds (seconds, not frames). Before that, it was three seconds. Why three? Because that was the best that they could do. Why five now? FCC mandated because of the indecency issues. Yep, bigger part of that, is the requirement to bleep out sudden, unexpected, indecencies from the live feed.

Now, yes, if you want to try and monitor the internet stream, say, back at the Church control room, the latency difference might drive you crazy. Remember: "It's leaving here OK." plus: "It's looking (and sounding) fine here." Together equals: "All Good."


12-07-2007, 09:47 AM
After doing some research I think I have sorted out the facts some.

The satellite ISPs go on and on about latency but they aren't talking about the same thing as the network latency we are used to. The satellite gets my stream with all the little parts lined up in order and there isn't really any other path for any of them to take to get out of order. The only problem is the time delay while everything goes up and back (no big deal for me). The bottleneck is the satellite guys at the other end have to have their nice downlnk tied back into that dirty old grungy cabled internet somehow. The whole thing comes down to the quality of service they are buying (and getting). Once your'e out in the sespool with all the teenys and on-line video clip guys, you can get lost in the crowd.

The real fix would be for me to be the only guy at the end of the satellite downlink. (real private network instead of Virtual Private Network?). Sounds like big bucks.

As for throttling, how can you contract for something when he other guy is free to not provide it whenever if ever he feels like it. Such a contract would not be legally binding since one party has not atually agreed to do anything. The lawyers should get rich from that one.

Nice to hear fom Cineman. If everyone doesn't know, he is one of the true legendary figures of toasterdom going way back to the first Amiga days.

Ron Phillips