View Full Version : Who would like a Tally Breakout Box?

07-03-2003, 09:23 AM
I have now built and tested my system and it works just great... My original goal was to build a unit for myself and that was it but then there was talk here and on other boards about people wanting the unit, so I started to design a unit which would work more universally.
So now I stand at the major crossroad move forward or drop the project... :confused:

I need to find out who WILL buy the unit as soon as it is available, unless I can get 50 units presold it is just not economical to proceed, since if I can not even get 50 units pre-sold it means there is actually little to no demand for the product.

So here are the specs:

The unit will take the VT2/3 GPI/Tally output from the SX-8 and convert that signal into your choice of... 5vdc, 12vdc, contact closure or an external power input, this will make the unit compatible with any CCU on the market, as well as simple clip on low voltage lights which can be used as tally lights in situations where you do not have a CCU. This is all selectable via internal jumpers for each independent channel (that way you can mix and match your CCUs)
The unit also features a GPI output which connects to a wired remote allowing you to trigger (by VT2/3 default, Toasterscript changeable) the Take and Auto buttons.
Finally the unit will work world wide as the power input is switch able from 115v / 230v.

Shipping with the unit:
The rack mounted enclosure
Power Cord
6' VT2/3 link cable
GPI Remote
25' GPI remote cable
8 Simple Tally Lights (basically a trailer marker light, wired to an XLR)

MSRP will be $599

Now if you would like to see this product YOU MUST email me: [email protected]
As of today I only know of 4 people who want this product...