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07-02-2003, 12:44 PM
I can't figure this out:
Layout is not updating my object when I make layer additions in modeller. How can I make it update?

For instance,
In modeler, I'll make an object called apple.obj. The object has 1 layer called "body" where I make the red body mesh of an apple.

Next I open layout, add apple.obj and get the lighting and camera exactly how I want it and save it as apple.lws. I close out of both modeller and layout. Later I realize, Ooops, I forgot to put a stem on my apple.
I start modeller and load up apple.obj. I then add a layer called "stem" in which I make the stem mesh. The I save and close modeller.
When I open apple.lws, there is no stem layer in the scene editor and I don't see the geometry. Strangely, if I hit the (f12) modeller button, it brings up apple.obj in modeller with the new stem layer. Starting up a new scene also includes the new stem layer.

How do I get my object to update without having to make a whole new scene?

I'm missing something obvious right?

Thanks for any help,

07-02-2003, 04:55 PM
since f12 works, the hub connection is correct.
if you add layers to an object, you have to load them manually later into the scene because the scene contains only layers which were accessible while creating it. if you work with a lot of new layers i would recommend the lscript 'load layers by name', it can be found somewhere on this page http://www.infoseek.livedoor.com/~f_ichikawa/
otherwise, keep layout open with you scene still loaded and add then the layer in modeler. if you hub connection is working properly you will see the new layers in layout instantly or at least after saving the object and updating layout via the hub menu within modeler.
i hope this will help

07-02-2003, 05:01 PM
Thanks. I thought something was wrong, but just another quirk of LW (Grrrrrr). I'll have to load the new layer or just paste new geometry in existing layers.

07-03-2003, 06:17 AM
The behavior that is causing you problems - i.e. LW only loading layers that it's been told to load - is actually very usefull, cause it mrans you can leave all your construction bits etc in the model on layers you dont load.
Parenting layers in Layer Browser is usefull, but has to be done before first adding the object to layout.
This keeps the 'set' of layers together, and you can quickly delete the construction layers etc, and layout wont try to load them the next time.
If you add a new layer in modeler while layout is open, it should automaticaly get added into layout - but you then have to parent it yourself.
If you get fed up not being able to see all the layers of an object next to each other in layout, Then go through them in the 'right' order cloning them one by one, re-arrange any parenting in scene editor, delete the originals.