View Full Version : "Select By VMap Value" bug

11-04-2007, 05:43 AM
Hello, I don't know where I have to report this kind of things as is my first time :). Im coming back to lightwave and im spenting some time to upgrade myself. During the checking (or re-checking) of many tools in v9.3 I had a problem with this tool: Select by VMap Value. This tool allows to select points and polygons according to their vmap value (absolute or range). If we use this tool from point selection mode, the selection of the polygons works fine as well as the points selection, BUT, if we use the tool from polygon/edge selection mode, the tool selects all the polygons in the layer (point selection is good), no matter which vmap value they have, all of them are selected. I hope this can be useful for the developers! :)

Carlos Reding.