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11-01-2007, 07:20 PM
Hello at the forum, I just got Adobe CS3 production studio and have been trying to import some short video clips I made in Lightwave 9 and Poser 6 to edit in Adobe Pp and Ae. I have a new intel 2.4 quad computer with evga 7950 video 4 GB ram and Vista.I dont really know what are the best compression settings to use in LW so I tried several such as microsoft video 1 ,and radius codec. When I import them and scrub the playback the frames are shifted into two halves and depending on the compression they are completly pixelated. The odd thing is that these clips all play fine on Windows Media player 11 and if I render them in LW to Quicktime movies instead of AVI. They also import and play fine in Pp and Ae. Poser does not have a Quicktime option so I cant test this out. Is this a LW anomoly or is it an Adobe problem? This is also only happening with AVI movies rendered in LW or Poser ,other AVI video clips from other sources such as cameras play fine. I thought that it could be the resolution so I tested evevything at 640x480 and a pixel aspect of 1.0 but it didnt make any differance. Poser and Lw are differant programs but the rendered movies from them are behaving the same way. I dont really understand when you are asked to open a new project in Pp or Ae a dialog asked you to cloose differant settings but none of them seem to match so I just say to match to video imports settings such as frame rate ect. What could I be doing wrong . The video clips that I import that play fine I dont specify any settings they just import and play with no adjustments.The manuals for LW or Adobe dont seem to be very helpfull with this. Thanks I have included some still frames from my clips for your review. P.S. :thumbsup:

11-01-2007, 07:35 PM
I render pictures in PNG 24 or 32b format and then import to AE or PR, never used AVI nor QT

11-02-2007, 04:13 AM
I generally write outputs from LW as uncompressed avi, normally 1:1 pixel ratio. I also would write out clips as an image sequence.
It is never a good idea to export compressed video if you want to do post work.

11-02-2007, 04:34 AM
I always output to frames: http://www.lightwiki.com/Why_render_to_frames