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07-01-2003, 08:51 PM
Hello LightWavers -

you may know me from my books over the years:
Inside LightWave 6, Inside LightWave 7, and others.

My company AGA Digital Studios, Inc. has been an authorized NewTek training facility for the past 6 years. We've now made our course available on CD-ROM. It's high quality, 1024 resolution movies that play right on your desktop.

Check out the free 1 hour demo at www.3dgarage.com

Right now, we're doing a SIGGRAPH special offering a royalty free texture disc with every order.

To quote a recent user:
Dan, recieved the 3DGarage Courseware this morning via UPS. You are a gentleman and scholar, Sir! You get things done!
As a TV director for the past 30+ years (network to nitwit and all in between!), I applaud you on the professionalism of your company and of the quality of your 3DGarage Lightwave CD course. I took a headfirst dive into the materials and they are first rate. The instruction is clear and concise and easily understood.
I would suggest to any student of Lightwave that the 1st investment they make is the 3DGarage Lightwave course. It will save hundreds of hours of wasted time and put the Lightwave wannabee on the fast track to learning how to be truly productive.

Again, my thanks to you for helping this old dog learn new tricks.

Ron Bartlett
Bartlett Video Services

Dan Ablan
AGA Digital Studios, Inc.