View Full Version : Skelegon Tools Upgrade.

07-01-2003, 03:53 PM
When you draw skelegons and drag an endpoint where you want it in one plane, then drag it in the next plane, it loses the change made in the previous plane .... Why?

When you draw skelegons, you can name them in the skel numeric requester ... which automatically gives them a part name, but the option for color is not there ... Why?

If you use the info panel to give a skel a partname and a color, it does not change the skelegon name... Why?

When you use the skelegon tree to name bones, it does not highlight the bone being named ... Why?

When you're editing bones in the skelegon tree and you want to pan or zoom the view so you can see a different section of your bones, you have to close the tree first ... Why?

The skelegon tools would really benefit from a bit of workflow analysis, not to mention enhancements like roation limits/IK setup during modeling.