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10-26-2007, 04:01 PM
This is just a collection of some general technical questions that I've been compiling and would like some answers from the experienced of you out there.

1. Is VGA out any slower (more lag) than component out?

2. Is there a way to keep the mouse from showing on your VGA out (last monitor).

3. Do line drivers you use (or distribution amps) add any significant lag (one field or more?) Have you found that some cause more than others?

4. If I have two of my three cameras gen locked, but I switched to that 3rd that is not gen locked, have I added that extra (3rd) frame of delay for the rest of the production?

5. Have you ever had the system swap the front and back channels after unplugging and plugging cables? (It happened to me. We checked and double checked and quadruple checked to make sure nothing was changed, and everything was in the right spot. A signal that was plugged into front XLRs was being sent out the back XLRs and I was definately in 4 channel mode.)

6. I assume this is just the way it is, but in desktop 1 I have all my switching modules set up, and in desktop two my editing. I was trying to edit but was getting extremely poor performance with a specific clip. I happened to check in the 1st desktop (switching) and noticed that that clip was loaded in the DDR, not playing or selected, but just loaded there. I took it out and editing was back to normal. Is this the normal behavior? Just checking. Thanks.

10-30-2007, 10:48 AM
I really need answers to one and two if anyone has some information on just those.

10-30-2007, 12:14 PM
1) I don't know.
2) Prefs - Desktop - Mouse Inside VT-Vision Monitor
3) No
4) Probably
5) No
6) Was the DDR background rendering?

Randy Rouse
10-30-2007, 01:24 PM
My experience with VGA which we use for output to IMAG is it is the same latencey as the other output sources. It does use your video hardware and driver so this could be a variable with different video cards.

Since the VGA output makes use of a windows desktop, I can't think of a way to disable it. Just be careful when moving your mouse not to move onto the last desktop in you configuration.

We have a few DAs that have ProcAmps built in that add a little delay and others without the ProcAmp function that add very little.