View Full Version : Add "Rename" Function to TCSTUDIO Editor, Please? (Or is it There, but Hidden?)

10-25-2007, 10:56 AM
Hear! Hear! With all of the coolness that is TriCaster STUDIO™, there is one (nearly humorous) oversight, as far as I can tell: It's the absence of a FILE NAMING/RENAME functionality within the Editor interface!

All the CGs I create there have the same name: "TITLE Page". The manual, nor the EDIT Media GUI give no indication about just how to give that puppy a custom name. I know of no way to do so, without going into Windows first.

How about that file (CG, Clip, etc.) that's sitting in your MEDIA BIN, while you're working in the Editor. Wanna' RENAME that? Here again, I know of no way to do so, without going into Windows first.

Hmmmp! When I felt the urge to NAME a file or asset just created in the timeline (having dragged a copy of it into the MEDIA BIN), or wanted to RENAME an asset that's already inside the Editor's Media Bin, I've had to:

1. Click the "X" to exit TriCaster™
2. Click "Admin" to go into Windows
3. Click on a series of folders to get to the CG or Media file you want to rename.
4. Right-Click on the file, and from the context menu select "Rename"
5. Rename the file
6. Click again, to relaunch TriCaster STUDIO™ (visiting the default "LIVE Production" interface)
7. Click on the EDIT MEDIA tab to get back to work in post-production.

Seems to me, that the only RENAME capability in the EDITOR, is for the "Hotlist" buttons along the lower edge of that Media Files panel.

OK. I can exhibit the qualities of being more than a bit dense at times, despite my Username. But am I onto something here, in the way of having identified a need for a RENAME feature in the editor? Do tell!

10-25-2007, 11:12 AM
OK. Looks like this was a good call. Within a private Email, Dr. Cross replies:
"... I will add it to the bug database with your contact
details in the bug, we can try to add it for the first patch."

Thanks for that, Andrew! RENAME is *good*.