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10-24-2007, 02:56 PM
I used point clone plus to clone an object several times in modeler. The only problem is that I am needing to move the objects around now. How do I select between the objects? Right now I am circling them one at a time and using the move tool. Surely there is a quicker way to switch between and move the objects. Can anyone throw me a bone on this one?


10-24-2007, 03:21 PM
Select a single polygon from one of your cloned objects, then press the right bracket key "]" on your keyboard (PC). This selects anything connected to that polygon, assuming that your cloned object is a simple connected piece of geometry.

If nothing happens, make sure your points are merged ("m").

Also, technically all these clones are one single "object" to Modeler. If you're wanting to really do a lot of cloning and manipulating you may want to do the cloning in Layout which does give you the standard object selection between objects in your scene (similar to other 3D apps).

10-24-2007, 03:31 PM
Use the Snap Drag tool set it to Connected Points in the numeric panel and move by grabbing a point of the object you want to move.

For other operations such as Rotate Stretch Taper and so on, most of these tools you can set the fall off to Point Radial. If you then make the influence area (RMB drag) extremely large in comparison to the object you can operate on the individual objects in the same way as the Snap Drag tool. Also look at your Action Centers for more control on the center of the operation. Just make sure your influence area is EXTREMELY LARGE or it will distort the object.

There is also the Select Connected command (as above). (]) after you select one poly for anything else.