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02-21-2003, 10:30 AM
hey guys. i posted a pic of a subaru wrx i had been workin on in the old LW forum... and as far as i know, it got no response. sooo... i have gone back and fixed it up... put it in an environment, and all that good stuff. but, while the render is not done yet, the environment render is! and thar she blows. ill follow with the finished image wen its done (in a day or 2) and maybe a pic of just the cars later today. comments and critiques are welcome. the only beef i have with it was that the AA shoulda been higher so the rain didnt come out so grainy.

02-21-2003, 10:35 AM
...sorry, forgot the image.

02-21-2003, 10:48 AM

looking at this scene brings me to tears.

my hat goes off to you sir!

03-01-2003, 03:25 PM
well, since the title was 1st in a series... theres should b more than 1 pic... and here are the others. i have posted my wrx model a few times, here and in the old forum, and no one comments on it. feedback is what the forums are all about, so if it sux, tell me... its better to know somethin needs improvment than to not no anythin at all.

03-01-2003, 03:35 PM
put the previous 2 pics together, and i guess u get this pic. but heres a question for anyone... this render gave me so much trouble and i have no idea y. it kept crashin everytime i tried to render it. i tried many many different combinations of resolutions, reflections refractions and shadows on and off, on and on... till i finaly found one that worked. strangly though, it rendered fine once, and never again after that. i took out alot of things, like shadow map shadows, and sasquatch, it an effor to reduce memory usage, but i dont think thats a factor since i was givin the render 128mgs of ram to use. anyway... if anyone has had renders crash on them over and over again for seemingly no reason, and can shed some light on this, it would b appreciated. anyway... enjoy...

03-01-2003, 04:08 PM
I remember seeing your cars before the forum changed.

nice to see the car in a really nicely crafted scene.

Wish i could help on the stability problem.

I would suggest sending me the source files to see if my LW crashes with 256MB ram on a 2.4 ghz with a gforce 4 ti4600.

but My email only can handle 1.MB of info per mail. :-(

again nice work :)

03-02-2003, 01:33 AM
I have one of my propeller racing 'blades' that crashes (well, locks up actually) Lightwave when rendered with area lights, spots/distant are fine. Only happens when the SubD mesh is frozen though, other than area lights being the problem element, I never did work out what the problem was, perhaps concealed surfaces reflecting each other too much or something, not sure.



P.s. HOt Damn, nearly forgot to comment on your stuff! The car looks good, though the proportions look a little queer on it, wheels & tires look to thin and skinny. I'm no rally expert though, so could be my error! The environment looks wicked, I love that part, and the light on the rain soaked tarmac looks really good, maybe whiter would look better as rally cars have pretty intense lighting on them i think? Great work though, nicely made and nicely combined!

03-02-2003, 04:53 AM
Excellent work :) :) The tires on the second picture look a bit odd to me, like they are reflecting the background and their edges are too sharp perhaps? You've captured the sense of movement very well in the bottom one, the wet look of the road is spot on. I'd agree that perhaps the light should be a bit whiter, but that's a minor point in a great image!

Is it crashing as soon as you hit f9? Are you using any shader plugins on surfaces that are reflective? (My system doesn't like that sometimes).


03-02-2003, 12:43 PM
hey guys... thanx for the input. 1st, about the crashing... ill f9 and it will go along merrily, and then out of the blue, randomly too, it just seems to crash. winblows gives me the error and tells me LW will shut down. this is the 1st scene iv ever made in years that has given me such problems... and im runnin XP, which is usualy (for me) very stable... so im at a lose. the only other time i ran into this problem was like 6 years ago workin in old 5.6. iwas renderin an A10 plane, and it would always crash wen it came to render the cockpit glass. maybe its the reflections?

about the pics... if theyr r excessivly grainy, i apoligize. on my screen it looks fine, but on this screen im just noticin it looks a little much. bout the tires... i spent all of about 5 min settin up the surface settings for them. in all previous renders they just came out pretty black as i recall, so i never paid them much more attn. but with the final render on the white set, i guess it was a little to much for them. i actauly didnt even realy notice till u guys mentioned it =] but im glad no one noticed that the rims r modelled all rong... but id only expect a realy subaru freak to notice that.

the lights might stand a little more whiteness, but after just havin watched rally sweden, alot of the cars seemed to have realy orangy headlights. then again, these were the big *** 4 light rigs that get mounted to the hoods. i didnt have time to model that as these renders needed to be done by a certain time. so ya.. i just went for that effect.

but im glad everyone seems to b generaly pleased with the model. if the proportions are off, its cause it was done all by eye. no background tracing in modeller... just picture refrence and lotsa lotsa tweaking. but for my 1st attempt at a car, i think it turned out realy good... maybe i shoulda tried somethin easier 1st :) maybe ill try an Audi TT next. anyway... thanx guys.