View Full Version : Color won't stabilize

10-22-2007, 12:53 PM
Hello, Fellow Professionals!

VT-4.6 on Dual Xeon machine, Windows XP Pro, lots of RAM

Project yesterday, client had Sony HD footage of discussion groups shot out of town. Brought camera for playback, but not the one upon which footage recorded. Used Composite video/audio output. Began capturing footage, color came & went, and in & out of phase. Thought I could tweak in color correction but the clips would not play the same way each time, hot color or subdued color, and in & out of phase, even when making adjustments. Okay, will output and record to DVD then use that footage to edit. Same problem, color would not lock. Rendered clip in a variety of options but still no change, just inconsistent color with each clip. After several hours (i.e., 10 hours!!!) on a 7-minute video, decided just to go black and white. Could not remove color using seperate unit with S-video connections, only worked with composite connections.

Is this the effect of recording in Progressive versus Interlaced mode? It appeared that the video was recorded in 24-p, does this make a difference?

What settings/adjustments can be made on VT-4.6?

Will this be fixed in VT-5? When I bought this system, I was told it will work with HD (with VT-5).