View Full Version : Questions about downloads

10-15-2007, 09:45 PM
Ok, So I am finally joining the LW v9 crowd. Lots of hard, well paying work lately, therefore upgrades/some new appis are long overdue for purchase.

I am very excited about trying the new features in LW 9.3. Also picked up the Kurv studios "Intro to Nodal shading" from CF01 in the buy sell trade section here to help me out. Gonna need to grab some other Kurv titles too.

Definetely gonna look at 3Dbrush or Zbrush next.

My question is (finally getting to it), in the registration section, Newtek still has the "upgrade to V9" download for the trial version, and still has the LWcad 1.5 download (good thru 6/30/07). Is that still possible? Still working? NT just not get around to it yet?
I am so siked to get another copy of SpeedEdit, this time with my purchase, for FREE, but if I can still get LWCAD, I WANT IT too!

Please tell me its still downloadable Newtek. Procrastination don't fail me now.