View Full Version : Odd ball resolutions needed...

10-09-2007, 08:56 PM
I am working on a project for a LED Video Sign and I need a very small size 96x64... So far I can not figure out how to get SE to do it so it is back to Aura for now but I would like to specifiy ANY resolution and have SE let me work in that res... (and render out in that res too (BGR24 in this case).... I have other boards I want to work on that are 424 X 3640 res....

10-22-2007, 07:04 AM
I use custom settings, for example 544x360 and I've saved it as a custom preset, a virtual 2/3 DVD resolution that is still MPEG1 leagal, and makes previews and even some final projects that go much quicker, not having to output to MPEG2 or HD.

The problem you're going to run into is what the codec will handle for your final output.

I know that QuickTime pro is awesome for that. I've done interactive charts in HD res in any ratio and works great.

anything NTSC, PAL, DV, HD specific is limited to the aspect ratio of the output device that it's intended for.

Or if you have to make a video, then you just make the frame you need in the NTSC screen, for example. Your LCD preview will look like giant pixels, but your project wil still be 720x480 in the end, in this case.

10-22-2007, 02:40 PM
This is a client that I do a bunch of work for and right now I make the video in SE as a 720 X 480 project render out as a RTV then import into Aura in my VT4 system which will let me do ANY pixel size I want then render out of Aura to the res I need...

I would just like to skip the last step and do it all 100% in SE