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10-09-2007, 09:29 PM
Anyone know anything about the future of the LW FBX plugin? It's become indispensable since I've been using Unity, however as I learn about what the format can support I'm starting to see the limitations of the current version of the LW plug-in.

10-10-2007, 04:50 AM
happy digging :)

somewhere around v10 we should have fbx.


10-16-2007, 07:45 AM
Hi PD,

I have to use FBX to make LW scenes run in the GameCore 3D game development engine.

The issue is that the FBX Filmbox format changed when Alias was bought by Autodesk, so the LW version was never updated.

Autodesk provides the SDK to anyone needing it, so maybe it's a political problem.

I requested help from Robert Lansdale of Okino Graphics and he immediatly put together a custom version of Polytrans with a LWS to FBX converter for me. I had some minor bugs setting it up and he fixed it up in a day. Very awesome company to work with the customers that way.

It works really great for game environment ambience by importing a complete scene of multiple animation cycles that continue to play.

So for instance, lets say you want trains going by, car traffic, random birds flying realistically and not just following path nodes set in the game editor,

then you build the entire scene in lightwave, running up to the max I think of around 36,000 frames, with UV textured objects, then convert to FBX and the entire scene and all objects are saved as one FBX file. Image textures are co-located in the same directory.

In the game engine, I just load the single FBX file, and I have the complete animation ambience for the environment.

10-17-2007, 11:56 AM

All those people in the thread saying they really need FBX support should checkout Polytrans in the meantime.

Yah, PD, is see that Unity requires FBX.
BUT then in the list of compatable formats, Filmbox.FBX only imports mesh???
Is that a typo on the web site?

Then they say LW, but only after exported with the outdated FBX exporter.

FBX is a resource hog also. Why is it prefered?

Unity 2 is looking insane. Looks like Im going to be forced to go that way.

As BeyondVirtual/GameCore refuses to support LWS, and I had to go through the expence of buying a custom Polytrans, I might as well go with Unity.

11-01-2007, 04:44 AM
I'm not sure where you saw that it supports mesh only KiteGlider, that's definitely not correct. Unity supports a number of formats as well as FBX, and an FBX exported from Lightwave using the latest (outdated) plug-in supports mesh, surfaces, one UV, bones and animations. And yes, Unity2 is looking awesome :O

A few notes on LW>FBX>Unity pipeline:
- It seems the secondary UV required for efficient light mapping is not supported by the plug-in, you need to pass it through another app (I hear Blender can do it for free, or Maya etc.);
- I'm using LW 9.0 as a couple of plug-ins that I rely on heavily haven't been updated and are incompatible (namely DTS and FBX I/O plug-ins);