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06-28-2003, 03:43 PM
Hey everyone. I was checking out the latest issue of 3D world and following the Q&A (exploding dynamite). I ran into a problem though, and I can't seem to figure it out. It's step 2 and 3. When you make a null with a slider, so it controls another null traveling along the curve.

I think my problem came in step 2 where it says, "Set the end time to 25 (or 30, or whatever value you're using as Frames Per Second on the Options panel). Add a new Slider Bank called CONTROL and give it its own X position channel as a slider, labelled distance_along_curve. Make sure the slider range is 0 to 1."

In step 3, after I add the expressions already supplied, my null is supposed to travel the length of the curve when sliding the slider. My null only moves about 1/4 of the curve and I think it's because I don't understand what it means in step 2 where it says "set the end time to 25..."

My Frames Per Second is set to 25. What "end time" is being referred to? End of the time slider, last frame to render, WHAT?

any tips or hints would be appreciated. Thanks.


06-30-2003, 06:02 AM
already answered this on a 3DWorld forum thread, but you need to set the End Time on the actual Curve Contraint plug-in to 25 to do this


Benjamin Smith | SFdp | www.sfdp.co.uk

06-30-2003, 04:57 PM

Thank you. That solved it. I guess I should have checked the other threads in 3dworldmag site more thoroughly.