View Full Version : Jumpy display out my VT

06-28-2003, 09:09 AM
How can I Play smoothly from DFX?
Why is it setup to play 720x480i out of DFX with only PAL as the other choice?

Great app.

07-13-2003, 08:11 PM
Assuming your media files are on your RAID then you should be able to play out "Loader" nodes nice and smoothly on your 'Toaster - just click in the flow area to deselect the Loader then click on it again to enable the transport controls over at the bottom right (alternatively right click on the loader and select "create/play preview on" and pick the 'Toaster then just save when the render panel pops up.

For smooth playback of rendered previews you'll need to make sure DFX+ has it's temp drive set to your RAID - go to global preferences and check out "paths" - preview renders should go wherever the mbps are :) You'll notice that when you pick the 'Toaster to create a preview it doesn't give you the frame limits you get when you're rendering to DFX+, that's because it has to write the 'Toaster's preview to disk rather than the RAM cache.

Remember also that the central transport controls just cache video into RAM - Even if you've got the 'Toaster selected as the display device DFX+ can only attempt smooth playback if you've got enough RAM to contain your render/playback area - if not it keeps dumping frames and then re-caching them again slowing up playback. In addition, DFX+ is rendering the frames on-the-fly into it's RAM cache as well as spitting them to the 'Toaster's output buffer which seems to be why the 'Toaster stutters whilst using this playback panel.

Hope this helps!