View Full Version : Opinions: how to tackle cross-sectional illustration

09-28-2007, 12:33 PM
A buddy of mine suggest I try developing a style for cross-sectional illustration and I wanted to gather opinions from others on some good ways to tackle this.

what I have done so far is to rely more on important Illustrator shapes, and lots of boolean operations to cut the shapes I want. I think that I chose that path bcs I've had better luck cutting holes and cross sections of higher-poly, but non sub-divided objects as they retain their shapes; the higher polys and smooth surfaces get me the smoothness I need.

But, is this method "cheating?" Do I need to make myself create the shapes in lightwave itself and model, bevel, smooth-shift, etc., my way to the shapes I need rather than to boolean, or is it all good?

Right now, I'm tinkering with non-organic shapes for cross sections, like I replicated a simplistic drawing of a nuclear power plant and got that pretty good, but I know there ar WAY more complex subjects out there..namely, the jet engine cut in half, or a piston engine or any number of things, let alone complex shapes of plants or of animals.

Thanks for any suggestions or tips!

Oh, I should mention the hardware I have at the mo and its limitations: I'm using 2 G4 Mac Minis each with a 1 gig ram stick, so I do butt up against problems wtih high-poly counts..IIRC, somewhere in the 250K range and things get real slow for me.


09-28-2007, 12:44 PM
I guess a clearer way to state my concern is this:

if the item to be illustrated uses simple shapes, straight and perpendicular or parallel, like a house, things are pretty simple. but when you're illustrating an object consisting of more complex relationships, curved shapes, straight ones, irregular ones, etc. then the problem gets trickier (at least for me) from a modeling perspective.