View Full Version : Active DVE / Spills into VTVision-Main

09-23-2007, 05:36 PM
I was doing some reading today in the ole VT4 user manual...

We have VT4.6, 2 Live Cams via SVideo w/ computer input via iVGA set to the DSK.

I wanted to do a comparison of colors between the 2 cams using a wipe.
Didn't have DVEs loaded...loaded them...
Now I noticed when a DVE is active, I fade the DSK, the main / Cam1 is muddied up w/ the DSK. I go to the Keyer select the Chroma Key the problem goes away. However back to the Effects tab DVE no longer indicates which DVE is the Active one.

Anyone else see this behaviour? Is this intended...seems like a bug to me.

~Carey Hendsbee