View Full Version : Numeric Time Scale Origin - strange results

09-18-2007, 10:13 AM

I'm getting strange results when using numeric time scale to scale the timing of keyframes in the graph editor when using an 'origin' other than zero.

For example:

1. I have a bunch of keyframes between frames 20-80 (covering a duration of 60 frames)

2. I want to double their duration to cover a duration of 120 frames, starting
at frame 20 (result should be keyframes over frames 20-200)

3. I scale keys using Time Scale Factor 2 and Time Scale Origin 20.0 - I'm assuming here that 20.0 means 'frame 20'.

4. Keys end up spread over frames -460 to -340. Their duration is correct (120 frames) but the operation doesn't seem to have used an origin of 20.

So it seems the origin is not measured in frames: an origin of 20.0 does not seem to centre the operation around frame 20. Is the origin measured in some other arcane unit?

The reason I'm using the 'scale keys' function is to time reverse keyframes (using a scale factor of -1) but preserve a frame range after the scale operation. Initially I though it was scaling by negative scale factors that was producing this weird effect, but it happens with positive scale factors too. I'm using 9.2, but this happens in 8.2 as well.

Any ideas?