View Full Version : Trying to render LW scene w/ Messiah + Sasquatch plugins

Bill K
09-17-2007, 12:42 PM
I am trying to create a composite video using the Don's dino scene included with Messiah along with a Lightwave scene that uses Sasquatch for grass/landscape. The first render (dino_1, with a white backgrd added in Photoshop) I did was the Don's dino scene by itself after applying some of LW's preset textures to the model - that render looks best. I tried a second render (dino_2) adding a LW scene that included landscape + Sasquatch, and noted my render times going haywire with only small adjustments to Sasquatch (from 38 seconds to over 5 minutes/frame), and the image quality of the render - most notably the Don's Dino model getting worse and worse with field order set to bottom field first and images going from sawtooth jaggies to really long pronounced lines with "echos" - one set on top of the other. (The "worst" examples are not attached.)

I saved a copy of the LW content for this scene to CD ROM and noted that whenever I loaded it "fresh" from CD, some of the problems go away - but reappear whenever I tweak anything to do with Sasquatch (dino_3).

I have been rendering the files 720 x 480, classic camera, lower field first, antialiasing set to classic enhanced low, subdivision order set to last for the dino model, set to first for landscape using Sasquatch. I am working on a 3.4 GHz single processor PC w/ 2 gigs RAM, nVidia Quadro 1400 Fx video card w/ 128 MB RAM, Windows XP SP2. LW 9.2 Messiah Workstation 2.5

JPEG's attached - ANY input/suggestions as to why this scene is rendering worse & worse with the interlacing lines becoming progressively more pronounced until any details become totally obliterated would be greatly appreciated. I trashed all the configs twice and re-downloaded Sasquatch + re-scanned all plugins with some improvement (dino_3) - but the very first render (dino_1) I did still looks best with field order set to bottom first - double checked the file to see if it WAS interlaced by opening it in Cleaner for info; bottom field first according to Cleaner - looks so much better than everything else.