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Jim Wainscott
06-26-2003, 09:28 PM
Here are some hard lessons I learned about subprojects in TED. You will not find this in the VT2 documentation. Note I am using a beefy Newtek certified system. Build 3866.

When working with subprojects, do not do any slicing (razor at edit line) on the subprojects to correct, lets say, audio level problems of which I had plenty on my long form project (long story). If you do slice and then expand or drill into one of the sliced parts the subproject you will get unpredictable results - for example: duplicate layers, and subprojects you wouldn't expect appearing inside of subprojects (when you know darn well you didn't create any subprojects within your original subproject. On some slices you will expand just that slice when you choose expand subproject, on other slices you will expand any combination of additional slices - no way to predict.

My advice, if you have (a) subproject(s) inside a project, first expand the subproject (don't drill) before doing any slicing or modifications.

EXPANDING a subproject unpacks the subproject to your original form/layout within the context of your overall project.
DRILLING forces you into a separate window. Any modifications you make in this window don't necessarily transfer correctly back into the context of your overall project. I don't know why.

I am confused as to why Newtek has both and Expand Subproject and a Drill Into Subproject.

On the instructional video, "Toaster Edit Techniques", Don Balance seems to imply that you can simply drag a bunch of subprojects created in separate projects and combine them into a new project.Then you can simply play the video. I found this not to be true.

When I drag such subprojects into the storyboard I get black icons with a plus sign. When I click on the plus sign I get a trio of icons/croutons for each subproject dragged in (two black ones with a minus sign surrounding the middle crouton (which may or may not have a plus sign) that has a representative picture of the "clip". Only the first subproject will play if it plays at all.

With much experimentation I found a workaround.
First Drag in the first subproject.
* Click on the plus sign to expand it into the 3 croutons previously mentioned.
* Drag the middle crouton to the left of the two black ones then delete the two black ones simultaneously. You can't delete them in any other way or weird things will happen.
Drag in the next subproject and repeat the above two steps( * ).
Note: you have to do this one subproject at a time. You can't just drag in a bunch of subprojects and then perform the above steps else you will get weird results.

Note: when I say you I mean this is simply what happened to me. Anyone else having the same aliens infecting their systems?

Hope this helps others with similar problems.

Jim Wainscott

07-01-2003, 06:29 AM
Jim, I had this problem too a while back and also found that expanding was the solution. Your advice is good and others should take note.