View Full Version : Need to get rid of strobing picture

09-10-2007, 04:17 PM
Hi - Our replays have a strobing effect on them when we play them back. I figure it has something to do with interlacing or field or something. They look fine when we play them back at regular speed, but not in at a typical 40%,50% or 60% playback.

I was wondering if there is some type of in-line box that could make this playback more solid? B4 I used a big VCR with a TBC in it that would fix this, but I just borrowed it each time. - I'm not sure if it was the TBC that fixed it or something else in that machine.

Also the problem only occurs on tube-televisions. The problem does not occur on plasma, LCD, or any computer monitors, so it's gotta be de-interlace or whatever.

Any ideas would be awesome.