View Full Version : LW standalone and T[2] RTVs

Bionic Antboy
06-26-2003, 09:56 AM
Has anyone been successful with using RTVs with alpha in standalone LW, on a non-Toaster machine?

Here's the prob...

LW can import both T[1] (720x480) and T[2] (720x486) RTVs, and will even load T[2] RTVs with alpha, but ignores the alpha channel completely.

For rendering, it only outputs T[1] RTVs, even if I set the camera options to T[2] settings. Obviously I can't render with alpha. Outputting RTVs isn't so important to me anyways, as I generally render to frames, and do additional work in a compositing package.

I've tried using the latest lw6_vt.p plugin, but when I try to add it I get an error that reads...

"The ordinal 276 could not be located in the dynamic link library newtekrtme.dll"

I've also replaced newtekrtme.dll and a bunch of other files, like beethoven.dll in my system, from the T[2] machine, and still no luck. Are 720x486 RTVs with alpha unaccessible by a standalone LW, or am I missing something? This is a functionality that really should be more or less built in, but either Newtek hasn't addressed it, or I'm missing something.

This is similar to the problem with DFX+ on a non-Toaster system, as right now, it will only render out T[1] RTVs, and won't even import T[2] RTVs if they have an alpha in them. After emailing Eyeon about this, they've actually replied (within a couple of hours) that this is a bug that they just discovered :) , and are now looking into.

This really should be a nobrainer, as I was able to get T[2] RTVs with alpha to both import and render out in After Effects by using Bob Tasa's AE plugin, and copying the needed DLLs. I think that we were the first to do it, actually, and emailed Bob about it. :)

So, am I missing something?

Thanks in advance,