View Full Version : Alright I need help with ScreamerNet, a couple different problems

08-31-2007, 10:52 AM
I have set up screamernet and everything appeared to be walking and talking just fine. Firstly, the frames are not saving. I thought this was my biggest/only problem. Until I watched the batch file running on a node. At the very beginning it says that it loaded the scene, from the right location, but then it says that it clears the scene. It then tries to load the scene from an old location, which then says that it can't find any of the objects or even plugins. It then carries on rendering the number of frames that it was told to render from the original scene (just 15 to test). It then says, after all the "loading...can't load...", that the scene is validating scene...scene loaded.

All my objects, scenes, motions, etc are all in their respective folders in C:\Lightwave.... I just understand why it's trying to load everything from somewhere else. Yes, I opened the paths options and everything is pointed to c:\Lightwave\(corresponding file).

So, why is it loading the right scene, clearing the right scene, trying to load the scene from the wrong location, and not being able to find the objects, and finally, not saving the frames.

I know people have said that you have to save to the content directory. Does that mean that all the objects and scenes need to be placed in c:\Lightwave\content, or does it mean that I can have all my scenes/objects in their respective folders and just save/output to the content folder?

08-31-2007, 12:07 PM
During setting up LWSN.EXE batch file, you are giving Content Dir by using -d option.. That's where objects, scenes and rendered image sequence goes.. Path set in Layout does not matter..

My example batch file looks like:

@echo OFF
echo "LightWave ScreamerNet Node 1"

cd "C:\Program Files\NewTek\LightWave v9.2\Programs"
lwsn.exe -2 -c"\\\SNET\config_sn" -d"\\\SNET\Projects\True Camera Selector" "\\\SNET\screamer_command\job1" "\\\SNET\screamer_command\ack1"]

where \\\SNET\Projects\True Camera Selector is some project to render and has sub-folder Objects, Scenes and Images..

-c option is setting up directory where config files are located. They obviously must be made with network location in mind, unless you have exactly the same LightWave setup everywhere in renderfarm.