View Full Version : FilmBox Plugin Q

08-27-2007, 08:35 PM
I've been playing with the FilmBox plugin and I have some minor issuses. For some reason the maps don't stay on the objects when I import them in 3D Max, its not that big of a deal to re-apply them, but it would be nice not to. Does anyone know why or have any insite to keep them on the objects. I really love being able to my previs work in LW and then import it to max with all the animation!

Will Newtek ever update the FilmBox plugin to take advantages of new features in 9.3?

I know Chuck had stated that maybe in a 9.x software LW will play with other packages more.

Also does anyone know how to make the scale of objects, scenes, etc from LW stay at the real world size in Max??