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08-22-2007, 12:05 PM
Hi guys

I think that many of you have seen the grid deformer in XSI. And now this is possible in lw 9.2

The solution that I came up with isn't perfect but it gives some pretty good results.

-You can deform any rendered frame and rerender the changes.
-You can animate any changes made with the grid-deformer.

What you need :
-Any object ( I used a simple plane for demostration sake) with many subdivisions to act a as advanced camera.
-This object needs a UVmap.
-A tutorial ( provided by me )

Make sure you have enough divisions to make your deformations, but more divisions also slow down your computer.
For tests keep it low
Subdivided planes can work too, but they slow down the process even more, the result ofcourse is much smoother.

1. Put your plane in front of your camera ( facing the object)
2 Select your camera
3. turn your camera from a 'classic camera' into an 'advanced camera'.
4. Turn on the following settings
Ray start: UVposition on mesh
my plane is called special camera, so select your object you want to use a as camera.
The uvmap was called special camera, so select the uvmap you made.
Then you need to select special camera as Item
Important : Horizantal FoV, must be 0!!
And Vertical FoV : Same as horizontal.
This is to prevent destortions of your image, becuase we want to do this ourselfs

The fun part :
Next select your object ( specialcamera in my case)
Hit properties, and add Dynamics, the one you need is Clothfx.
All you need to do is hit Calculate once, very important step!
Then you go to the Editfx-tab, and use the Edittool.
Now you can edit the indivual vertices (or points) on the object you used.

The BUG in this system is : You need to move the opposite direction of the direction you want to deform you render.
I think someone else can find a workaround for this so it works the way it should be.

I attached a demo-mov, it shows a sphere being deformed.No morphmaps or bones being used, just the grid-deformer in action.
(not pretty impressive, but it's a start)

Go test this out guys


Pictures are in this thread :