View Full Version : Saving multiple moving objects to .mdd

08-21-2007, 03:14 AM
Is it possible to save 2 or more objects' motion data into only one .mdd file?

Here is what I'm doing: I have 4 letters that are going to stretch and bend and act weird independently, whether by morphs, xyz co-ords, etc. So I know I can bake each letter into an .mdd file. But eventually I want to run them as a group, with one envelope controlling the 'playback' of the group of 4 letters. I'm sort of trying to run a scene inside a scene, so to speak.

I know I could use the same envelope to control each individual .mdd for each letter and get the same effect, but I'm looking for a more graceful solution since I will eventually want to do this with about 12 individual objects or layers. It would be nice to just bake the scene to an .mdd and plop it into a new scene.