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08-19-2007, 01:35 PM
this will be complicated if you aren't doing live production, but some of you have no doubt encountered this problem:

"announcers need to hear themselves, crowd mics and DDRs without a delay"

the issue: an SX-8 adds delays to live audio before reaching program audio.


we produce sports on our vt4 with an SX-8. we have 3 sources of audio.

talent: are on headsets with audio 1st into an FP33 mixer then into input 1 on at SX-8.

camera & crowd audio: inputs 2-8.

and music bumps and commercials all stacked in DDRs.

program audio is fine and works as you would expect and we record to MPEG2 on-the-fly, SVHS and DVCAM.

the problem is the return audio to the talent. remember, they hear themselves and must be able to hear the crowd and the DDRs. Sideline reporters come back thru a camera's audio and DDRs are sometime loaded with pre-game interviews. so they comment on everything.

when talent audio is sent thru the SX-8 it incurs a delay of about 1/8 second. that's enough, when fed back to the talent to affect their speech and cadence. they ... will... start... to ....talk....slow.

so, currently we intercept the aux send and send it to their headphone amp. therefore, they hear themselves and the cameras without delay. aux send has no delay on sources 1-8 and this works.

but, they cannot hear the DDRs. aux send intercepts all live sources but before the digital sources like DDRs.

one thought was to turn off the pass-thru on the audio mixer skin which would out put only digital sources and mix that externally with aux send. but, if this new source is used a program audio, lips will lead video since the toaster also delays video about 2-4 frames.

with the sx-8, i don't have full function front and back outputs so i can't be creative using that idea.

has any one solved this problem?:help:

08-20-2007, 01:21 PM
My first thoughts are definitely upgrade your SX8 to an SX84 along with a VTPro card. You can then send out the DDRs via the Back audio jack to give monitoring to the talent.

Another thought would be to bring everything into your audio mixer first and foremost to do the talent mixdown. This includes the DDR audio out/Program audio out but only send via an Aux instead of main out.

This is similar to how the trailer we set up recently was done. All cue audio was mixed via the hardware mixer and fed from Aux1 and Aux2. All audio inputs were mixed via the hardware mixer and the only signals combined in the SX84 were the Input1 Left/Right along with the VT's DDR audio.

EDIT: After looking at the specs of the audio mixer, I see you don't have much routing capability. I would suggest looking at a new audio mixer. That would be your most cost effective route. Mackie 16 channel or my personal favorite is the Yamaha LS9 16 channel version. The Yamaha is completely digital and with a killer routing capability along with all the DSP functions of complete front of house sound processing rack. Best of all, the LS9 is a compact 19" rack mountable size.